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Here you will find my nature, architectural and abstract photographs to view and purchase.  Click on any photo to enlarge and purchase.

Greater Yellowlegs – Birds 0012020-03-06T19:54:05+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0012018-10-28T15:11:20+00:00
Lesser Scaup – Birds 0022020-03-06T20:15:01+00:00
Black-necked Stilt/Coot – Birds 0032020-03-07T00:32:44+00:00
Glacial Ice – Landscapes 1002020-03-07T01:24:20+00:00
Sunrise at White Sand, New Mexico – Landscapes 1012020-03-07T01:23:39+00:00
Marbled Caves, Patagonia, Chile – Landscapes 1022020-03-09T04:48:05+00:00
Huemul – Patagonia, Chile – Wildlife 0012020-03-09T04:47:43+00:00
Black Chested Buzzard Eagle’s Nest – Patagonia, Chile – Wildlife 0022020-09-04T02:04:53+00:00
Fallen Giant2021-09-15T19:39:48+00:00
Redwood Window2021-09-15T20:09:30+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0022018-11-02T01:07:35+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0032018-11-02T01:08:36+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0042018-11-02T01:10:04+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0052018-11-02T01:11:39+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0062018-11-02T04:16:44+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Autumn Colors 0072018-11-02T04:23:06+00:00
Napa Valley – Autumn Colors 0082018-11-13T23:12:07+00:00
Napa Valley – Autumn Colors 0092018-11-13T23:11:18+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0012018-11-02T01:13:58+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0022018-11-02T01:15:20+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0032018-11-02T01:16:35+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0042018-11-02T01:17:43+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0052018-11-02T01:23:15+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0062018-11-03T20:34:11+00:00
Nova Scotia in Oct. – Ocean Rocks and Seaweed 0072018-11-06T17:32:42+00:00
Plant – Close Ups 0012018-08-15T18:57:41+00:00
Plant – Close Ups 0022018-08-16T02:09:36+00:00
Rose – Close Ups 0032018-08-16T02:09:11+00:00
Ice Branches – Close Ups 0042018-10-02T20:30:01+00:00
Rose Petals – Close Ups 0052018-10-02T20:27:04+00:00
Capitol Reflection, Madison, WI – Architecture 0022018-02-15T15:50:38+00:00
Grant Park, Chicago – Architecture 0032018-02-15T15:51:28+00:00
Michigan Ave., Chicago – Architecture 0042018-02-15T15:52:03+00:00
Picasso sculpture, Chicago – Architecture 0052018-02-15T15:53:43+00:00
Looking toward Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco – Architecture 0062018-02-15T19:38:23+00:00
San Francisco – Architecture 0072018-02-15T15:57:40+00:00
Chinatown, San Francisco – Architecture 0082018-02-15T15:58:42+00:00
Capitol dome, Austin, Texas – Architecture 0092018-02-15T19:37:59+00:00
Capitol, Madison Wisconsin – Architecture 0102018-02-15T19:37:39+00:00
Louvre through the pyramid – Architecture 0112018-02-15T16:01:24+00:00
Sacre Coeur and Paris Street – Architecture 0122018-02-15T16:02:16+00:00
Eiffel Tower, Paris – Architecture 0132018-02-15T16:02:53+00:00
Louvre and pyramid – Architecture 0142018-02-15T16:03:31+00:00
The Space Needle, Seattle – Architecture 0152018-02-15T19:39:23+00:00
Owl’s Head Lighthouse, Maine – Architecture 0162018-02-15T19:39:04+00:00
Magnolia – Architecture 0172018-02-15T16:05:23+00:00
Mexican Church – Architecture 0182018-08-15T23:10:48+00:00
Paris Street – Architecture 0192018-08-18T02:46:25+00:00
Fall reflections, Maine – Nature 0032018-02-15T23:07:57+00:00
Lily pad, Mexico – Nature 0042018-02-15T23:08:41+00:00
Wisconsin River -Nature 0052018-02-15T23:09:14+00:00
Rain clouds, Sedona, AZ – Nature 0062018-02-15T23:09:50+00:00
Yellow Bird of Paradise, Sedona, AZ – Nature 0072018-02-15T23:10:52+00:00
Bee searching – Nature 0082018-02-15T23:11:26+00:00
Sand patterns – Nature 0092018-02-15T23:12:07+00:00
Full moon, Maui – Nature 0102018-02-15T23:12:51+00:00
Full moon with clouds – Nature 0112018-02-15T23:13:37+00:00
Whale off the coast of Monterey – Nature 0122018-02-15T23:14:31+00:00
Dolphins, Pacific Ocean – Nature 0132020-03-11T12:20:56+00:00
Pelicans in flight – Nature 0142018-02-16T00:15:35+00:00
Egret Feeding – Nature 014A2020-03-09T04:31:38+00:00
Egret Feeding – Nature 014B2020-03-09T04:38:46+00:00
Sunlight on Ocean Sand – Nature 0152018-02-16T00:17:10+00:00
Magenta Flowers – Nature 0162018-02-16T00:18:53+00:00
Russian River Bridge, California – Nature 0172018-02-16T00:19:43+00:00
Tree Trunk in the Rain – Nature 0182018-02-16T00:18:14+00:00
White Egret – Nature 0192018-02-16T00:20:27+00:00
Bamboo Forest, Maui – Nature 0202018-02-16T00:21:04+00:00
Surfing Waves, Maui – Nature 0212018-02-16T00:21:56+00:00
Light Shining Through – Nature 0222018-02-16T00:22:57+00:00
Crashing Waves No. 1 – Nature 022A2018-02-16T00:23:42+00:00
Crashing Waves No. 2 – Nature 022B2018-02-16T00:24:18+00:00
Sea Anemone – Nature 022C2018-02-16T00:24:54+00:00
Turtle on Log – Nature 0232018-02-16T00:25:43+00:00
Pink Rose – Nature 0242018-02-16T00:26:20+00:00
Raindrops on Lilies – Nature 0252018-02-16T00:26:55+00:00
Sunset on Lake Monona, Madison, WI – Nature 0262018-02-16T00:27:43+00:00
Trees and Clouds in B&W – Nature 0272018-02-16T00:29:00+00:00
Reeds by a Pond, Maine – Nature 0282018-02-16T00:29:34+00:00
Hummingbird in her Nest – Nature 0292020-03-09T04:41:13+00:00
Baby Hummingbirds – Nature 0302020-03-09T04:41:53+00:00
Golden Flower – Nature 0312018-02-16T00:32:01+00:00
Rose in B&W – Nature 0322018-02-16T00:33:52+00:00
Sea Lion swimming – Nature 0332020-03-11T12:23:49+00:00
Sunlight, Sand, and Shore – Nature 0342018-02-16T00:35:02+00:00
Pitcher Plants – Nature 0352018-02-16T00:37:16+00:00
The Grand Canyon – Nature 0362018-02-16T00:38:00+00:00
Icicles on Berries – Nature 0372018-02-16T00:38:41+00:00
Ice on Plants – Nature 0382018-02-16T00:39:24+00:00
The Sea Lion and the Seal – Nature 0392020-03-11T12:26:59+00:00
Pelicans Taking Off – Nature 0522020-03-09T04:40:15+00:00
White Tail Deer – Nature 0402020-03-11T12:24:54+00:00
Lake Reflection – Nature 0412018-02-19T22:36:41+00:00
Baby Goslings – Nature 0422018-02-22T00:33:59+00:00
Rose – Nature 0432018-02-24T01:44:23+00:00
Full Moon – Nature 0532019-04-07T20:16:36+00:00
Moonrise over the Rio Grande – Nature 0442018-03-05T00:21:00+00:00
Skyscape – Nature 0452018-08-16T02:10:16+00:00
Colorful Shells – Nature 0462018-08-16T02:56:16+00:00
Snow on Snowberries – Nature 0472018-08-16T23:15:32+00:00
Big Bend National Park, Texas – Nature 0482018-08-16T23:58:17+00:00
Big Bend National Park-Sunset, Texas – Nature 0492018-08-22T04:35:13+00:00
Pelicans over the San Francisco Bay – Nature 0502020-03-09T04:39:32+00:00
Wisconsin River – Nature 0512018-09-09T04:38:28+00:00
Inside the Beam, Chicago No. 2 – Abstract 0012018-02-15T16:20:04+00:00
Inside the Beam, Chicago No. 2 – Abstract 0022018-02-15T16:18:02+00:00
Dancer in lights – Abstract 0032018-02-15T16:21:25+00:00
Fall colors, Maine – Abstract 0052018-08-22T04:38:37+00:00
Brown Pelicans Diving, the Yucatan – Birds 0062020-04-13T02:07:16+00:00
Andean Condor (Adult) – Patagonia2020-03-09T04:50:34+00:00
Brown Pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan – Birds 0042020-04-13T02:28:07+00:00
Brown Pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan – Birds 0052020-04-13T02:27:19+00:00